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Sustainable development, Promote the Veganism and protection the environment but also animal protection are our objectives ...

Eat Vegan Program

Different activities aimed at promoting veganism such as awareness and education on veganism and vegan tasting and environmental Protection in the community and in schools

Our motivations ... ​ ​

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country rich in natural potential, with a diversity of faunal, floristic, mineral resources…


important but with a poor population. ​ The misuse of natural resources is at the root of environmental disruption, poverty and the resulting consequences.


To do this, the IPPE/Asbl Association arouses the interest, involvement and participation of the populations of the Democratic Republic of Congo and those of the North KIVU province in particular in the processes of sustainable development and the environment in through the promotion as well as the protection of the environment Promote a responsible food system, by eating vegan and plant-based foods, but also defend animal rights and fight against all cruelty committed to living beings.


​ The priority is therefore to get local communities to identify problems and seek solutions at the local level on environmental effects and sustainable development.



















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